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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz, wjz hd and, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties, to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz. maryland's news station. gone but not forgotten. maryland tries to recover from irene's aftermath. >> we're totally encased. >> from mass power outages to downed trees and damaged homes, how long could it take for life to return to normal? >> hello everyone, i'm vick carter. trees toppled after the storm. and hundreds of thousands of people are spending another night in the dark while crews work around the clock to
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restore power. lack of power is keeping many schools closed tomorrow. wjz has complete coverage of irene's aftermath. we have the damage and the cleanup underway around maryland. we report on the hundreds of thousands without power tonight and we are on the eastern shore with the significant impact there. we're live tonight in west baltimore. we have a look at the problems left behind by irene. >> well, those areas that were hit by irene will be cleaning up for some time. >> reporter: hurricane irene left marylanders shell-shocked. it was a powerful storm that lumbered across the state, knocking out power but also damaging homes and property in the process. >> we're trying to get the main thoroughfares open. >> reporter: a great deal of the damage came from trees, toppled by rain or storm winds. many of those majestic giants took out power lines and crushed cars, blocked roads and
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damaged homes and businesses. video from the chopper showed how destructive those fallen trees were. >> i want to offer great appreciation to our county residents who really did a good job in terms of listening ahead of time, recognizing that this was the potential for a very serious storm. >> reporter: two marylanders died in the storm, an 85-year- old woman died when a tree collapsed on her chimney and a 45-year-old man died after losing power and going into cardiac arrest. >> because there's so much damage, whether a tree down like this or maybe even damage to your house like that, crews are absolutely swamped. so home-owners are going to have to be patient. it may take some time to get your house back to normal. >> pockets of maryland really got hit hard and other pockets seemed like nothing was touched at all. >> they say that the county will start putting dumpsters out at fire stations that are designated so that residents
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can take their yard debris and put it in those dumpsters. they hope you compact it down. they're hoping to do that by labor day. back to you. >> and it is clear as you're driving around maryland, people will be cleaning up for weeks. we have more of the incredible damage left behind. >> reporter: as trees came toppling down, anything in their way, homes, fences, even cars, didn't stand a chance. >> can't drive it, can't get it fixed. >> reporter: michelle broom is mourning the loss of her first car, crushed underneath a tree that fell in their neighborhood. >> i'm not going to cry on tv. >> reporter: others have even more to cry about. in pikesville, a huge tree punched holes in this roof, another smashed through this sun room. in stevenson, falling trees nearly killed one couple asleep in their bed. a similar story for a couple sleeping in this northeast baltimore home, and in the
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city, he remembers his night with irene. >> i heard a big like squashing sound and i said, a tree has fallen on the house. >> reporter: city forestry workers have been going nonstop ever since irene cleared out. the city's first priority was clearing roads so that emergency vehicles could get down every street. they estimate close to 900 trees down in baltimore. >> just this truck alone i know we've done over 100 of them. >> reporter: it's a home- owner's job to clear trees on their own private property, like this huge one. >> i guess it was an old tree. >> reporter: she knows getting things back to normal won't be easy but like hundreds of other home-owners, she first has to wait for her insurance agent. >> not only will power crews be very busy over the coming days but so will the tree trimmers. some tree trimmers say they've gotten so many calls for service that right now, they're not taking any new customers. others have a waiting list.
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in west baltimore, wjz eyewitness news. sky chopper 13 has been spotting extensive damage. here's just one of those hard- hit areas. >> this is in arnold where another large crane and another hundred foot flush tree has fallen on a very expensive home, causing some damage to the back of the house, no injuries that are apparent but you're looking at workers here now trimming pieces of that tree away, and then they'll use this very, very large crane and i'm sure expensive to use crane to get this very large tree off of this house. we've seen this all over the state and i think we're going to continue to see it as people get out and survey the damage to their homes. back to you. >> and wjz's complete coverage continues live. this is just one of many neighborhoods still in the dark. >> we want to show you how
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scattered some of those outages out. this block completely in the dark but look right down the vote. the lights are on and bge says it could take several days to get everyone back online. >> reporter: doorfronts dark for a third day in a row as frustrations grow. >> it's driving me crazy. >> we've been calling and calling and calling and they're not coming out to do anything about it. >> reporter: bob bush and dozens of neighbors in lincecum heights have been trapped in their communities since the storm. >> we couldn't get out that way, we couldn't get out this way so we're totally land locked. >> reporter: on one end, a downed power pole, the other end, a massive tree over power lines. emergency crews had no way in but on foot. >> my mother-in-law lives with us and she has medical problems so at any time, we could have needed an ambulance or medical people for her. >> reporter: the bushes have relied on family to walk supplies to their house.
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>> dry ice bags. >> reporter: they got candles and flashlights and worried how long power will be out. >> to think that this is going to last six or seven days, that's what's really kind of scary. >> reporter: but with massive trees down like this all over the area, bge says it could take until the end of the week for power to be fully restored. >> we expect to have the vast majority of our customers back in service late friday night but there will be some scattered outages that will roll into the saturday. >> reporter: the waiting for some the most difficult part of weathering this storm. >> and for the bush family in that neighborhood, they could be waiting until the end of the week. bge will need to replace about six or seven power poles in that area to get them back up and running. wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you. bge has restored power to more than 400,000 homes that lost power during the storm. crews will continue working around the clock. the baltimore area isn't
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the only part of maryland to suffer irene's wrath. the big problem tonight is flooding. >> reporter: homes were underwater and people had to be rescued in boats after major flooding covered parts of queen anne's county. we heard how the force of water broke out a window and then poured inside. >> it was a foot and a half right here, five, 10, foot. >> and this whole -- everything was just a loss? >> yes, everything. we got the pitchers off the wall. they had a dam break out of town. that's when all the water rolled in. >> i had to fight to get into the door. it was all kinds of stuff. >> reporter: his first floor is gone. he spent the day cleaning up the mess, salvaging what he could. >> got to clean up and start over again. >> i'm standing on a spot of bare earth here and this is where a shed was and you can
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never underestimate the power of mother nature. that water rushed in and threw it all the way back down here by the tree line. >> reporter: people have been through this before but it hasn't been this bad since hurricane floyd in 1999. >> it's hard. it's hard. you know, it's very hard. >> reporter: irene definitely left her mark but she didn't break the spirits of the victims of her floods on maryland's eastern shore. >> it is what it is. i mean, there's nothing you can do about it. >> reporter: the victims of this flooding hope that fema will provide them with some assistance. on the eastern shore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> irene left a trail of destruction. people are dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane. we have a look at some of the worst damage. >> from north carolina to maine, this is a storm that people won't forget for many years. >> reporter: more than a century of history swept away by irene.
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>> oh, my god. >> reporter: this 140-year-old covered bridge in vermont washed away by the powerful floodwaters, along with just about everything else in irene's path. the record rainfall pushed raging rivers over their banks in massachusetts, and in north carolina's outer banks, people who road out the storm are now cut off from the mainland after the storm surge ripped this highway to pieces. >> no matter what we did to prepare for this storm, it didn't help. >> reporter: rescue crews are going door to door in new jersey checking for survivors in flooded homes. with water everywhere, a house burned out of control because fire trucks could not respond. the hurricane caused an estimated $7 billion in damage. wjz eyewitness news. >> at least 38 deaths in 11 states are being blamed on irene. stay with wjz and for complete coverage of irene's aftermath. you'll find the latest damage and power outages on the home page of other news this evening,
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the search for a killer. family members grieve for a 91- year-old woman killed in her home on wednesday afternoon. ♪[ singing ] >> the murder of 91-year-old irene logan is still unsolved. her home was ransacked. her children, grandchildren and more than a dozen great- grandchildren plead for information in the case. mayoral showdown. candidates for baltimore city mayor make their cases tonight. we hosted an hour-long debate between the mayor and her challengers. the debate comes on the heels of a poll that puts the mayor 38% ahead of her closest rival. tonight, the candidates defend their tax plans for baltimore, looking to close a huge deficit. >> the only difference between me and the other candidates is i have a realistic plan. it is achievable and it is financially responsible.
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>> the mayor doesn't understand it's about growing the population from within. >> we can't keep doing what we've done. >> others tough questions for them, what to do about the cheating scandals. a surprise announcement from the catholic church to baltimore parishioners. their spiritual leader is leaving maryland. o'brien has been named to lead a catholic order in the holy land. o'brien fought back tears when he addressed his staff and church leadership. he says he is honored by the appointment but sad to leave baltimore. a replacement has not been named. starting tonight, getting around downtown is getting more complicated. the city is changing traffic patterns to accommodate this weekend's grand prix. the road closures started tonight at 7:30. han over street is shut down. tomorrow night, parts of charles streets will close. about two usen intersections will be closed. for a complete list, log onto and click on this
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story. coming up, a crash landing. how this plane wound up in a california backyard and how the pilot managed to escape the wreckage. plus, president obama's uncle is arrested. why he is being held by immigration police tonight. pleasant, dry weather will continue. complete first warning forecast, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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it is 66 degrees and mainly clear in central maryland right now. the complete first warning forecast is coming up. a pilot survives a crash landing into the side of a california house. investigators say the plane went down shortly after takeoff. the force of the impact bent the aircraft in half, ripping the wings right off the plane. amazingly, the pilot only suffered a broken leg and some minor injuries. former nba star wanted for murder has agreed to turn himself in to police. 23-year-old javaris crenten is wanted for a drive-by shooting. he played for three teams. there is still no sign of muammar qaddafi but we know where his family is tonight. the libyan leader's wife and other relatives have fled to algeria after one of his sons was killed over the weekend. white house officials say there is no evidence to suggest that
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qaddafi has left libya. president obama's uncle was arrested last week after -- detectives claim the 67-year- old failed several sobriety tests and threatened to make a phone call to the white house. neighbors say the incident is no laughing matter. >> just because he's related to obama doesn't mean that he should get away with drinking and driving. what if he hit somebody? >> searchers say mr. obama is not a legal citizen. so far, the president has not commented on the arrest. parts of the east coast are still shaking after last week's earthquake. the geological survey recorded five more aftershocks. there was, though, significant damage to report but the same can't be said for washington, d.c. crews there still are working to fix a crack near the
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top of the washington monument. actually saw that a couple of days ago and you can see it from the ground. >> it's remarkable, it really is. how are they going to repair that? a caulking gun? great weather and we deserve it. right now, it's 66, no wind at all. north wind at 0 actually means no wind. the barometer's back up to 34.04 inches. it got down over to 29.02 inches which is probably one of the lowest readings i've ever experienced to tell you the truth and that can give you like headaches and things. amazing. all right, 70% humidity but the dew point's way down at 56, very comfortable night, only 55 in oakland right now. ocean city is 67, and it's 63 inelkton. locally, temperatures in low to mid-60s, a beautiful night, 71 in indianapolis by the water and also over in d.c. the
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record's 100 back in 1953 and 47 in 1986. right now, just about everybody dead calm. that's what we like to see, at least for a little while longer. there have been some clouds this afternoon, a weak little system crossing the area. some showers out of virginia and the carolinas. we saw some clouds but it's clearing out now and overnight tonight, really clear and temperatures going to drop back into the 50s. i wouldn't be surprised to see some areas down to 50 or 52. high pressure, beautiful weather, a little bit warmer by the middle of the week and the weak front kind of going through, maybe a sprinkle or a shower on thursday and temperatures pretty much normal. that's know to the tropics again. guess what? a new tropical depression. by thursday, it may become a tropical storm and probably category 1, maybe even by the weekend, a category 2 hurricane. how the track we have right now pretty far north of the
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caribbean islands. after that, it should recurve, may affect bermuda. the wind's only 35 but tomorrow probably will become a tropical storm with winds over 39. northeast winds at 5, knocked the bay temp down to 80 degrees. clear for the most part down to 55, maybe 63 downtown. tomorrow sunny and pleasant, 82 degrees. the next four or five days, 84, 82, 81, 84, a lot of sunshine except thursday, maybe a brief shower and a few clouds here on friday, as well. vic? >> check in with jessica kartalija tomorrow morning on wjz eyewitness news starting at 4:45 for the updated forecast. the ravens are in a rush to get ready for the start of the season. mark has the latest from camp, coming up next in sports. ,,,,,,
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mark's here now with the fan sports report. >> they have some more warmups to go, one more for the ravens and we're getting close. it is less than two weeks and then the pittsburgh steelers are in town. the ravens certainly are in a bit of a hurry to get their offensive line ready for that vaunted pittsburgh blitz. baltimore has brought in re- enforcements, big number 70, 6'8", 370 pounds, a veteran signed last week. he was on the field today for just a second ravens workout. he will be starting at left tackle. mckinney's on a new team for him but he has a familiar teammate, matt burke played with mount mckinney in minnesota. >> he's working hard. i mean, they don't make a lot of guys like that. you can read his height and weight but he's just a big, big
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guy, and big guy that can move, that's just rare. >> burke did take part in practice again today. the veteran center working his way back from orthoscopic knee surgery. says he should be ready for the opener against pittsburgh. not at practice today, lee evans missed a second straight workout with a foot injury. a preseason tuneup in new york tonight. manning and the giants taking on the jets. manning tossed a couple of interceptions, the first a tipped pass that lands in the hands of former raven jim leonard. jets then on offense, mark sanchez will find holmes on a td strike. the jets beat the giants 17-3. the jets play the ravens here in baltimore in week 4 of the season. baseball tonight, yankees in town for the final game of four, buck showalter's orioles with a chance to win the series. simon on the mound for the birds. he pitched seven strong innings. but even when you pitch well, the yankees are going to do
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some damage. nick swischer swats a two-run homer. new york jumps out. the o's did rally with a couple of their own home runs. reynolds launches this one off garcia in the fifth inning, 31 homers for reynolds. hardy also hit one out. reynolds will get another shot in the bottom of the ninth, facing yankees relief ace rivera, a 3-2 defeat for the series. the o's homestand continues. toronto coming to town tomorrow while the yankees have a big series coming up at boston. >> okay, thanks a lot. and state fairs are full of over the top food vendors. where you can get a really creepy crawly lunch.
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maryland mountain row gets a little work done courtesy of a known tattoo artist. someone tagged the 26-foot tall statue with graffiti. over the weekend, police are checking surveillance video in the area to try to find the culprit. if you thought deep fried butter was a tough treat to stomach, wait until you get a load of this, the maggot melt. what has been making rounds at state fairs all across the country, including colorado, believe it or not, it's actually a hit. visitors say it's a little crunchier than your standard grilled cheese sandwich but it makes for a good snack and lots of protein. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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